About ME

Meet Michelle

My love of graphic design and visual communication has allowed me to have a very rewarding career. I have been so fortunate to work in cities throughout the Midwest, including Omaha, Denver, Kansas City, Rapid City and now Laramie, Wyoming. Along the way, I have worked with many unique businesses and clients, and created some dynamic designs.

Creative by Me is my opportunity to beautifully communicate the most important events in any person’s life: weddings, births, graduations and celebrations. It’s the most personal and intimate design I have ever done, and I am so blessed to share my clients’ joy.

I work closely with each client so that my design truly reflects their love and their personality. Each design is unique as each client is unique. I enjoy working with clients in any city (most proofing can be done electronically) and am willing to work within most budgets.

Contact me today; I would love to help you communicate the most important events in your life!



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