Adventures of a New Logo

A couple of months ago as I started my planning for 2015, I took a hard look at the professional image I had created for my business. All things were up for change – including bridal show displays, business cards, handouts and of course, my logo. As the public symbol of a company, I have also felt a great logo is essential to the success of a business.

There are many parts to the perfect logo, but readability is probably the most important. Customers should be able to decipher the name of your company and what you offer within a few short seconds. An honest, long look at my logo revealed that was not happening to my satisfaction. So I started the work of redesigning, focussing on a clear, easy-to-read name.

Next, my logo evaluation turned up the idea that my two main thoughts – weddings and stationery – weren’t represented at all. So I added an envelope, heart and scrolls to create a clear visual of what I offer.

Finally, my previous color scheme was soft, muted and a little vintage. The new logo seemed to call for stronger colors so I choose red and turquoise.

I hope you like the results as much as I do!


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