Budget Saver: The Postcard

It seems the price of postage changes almost as often as the stock market, with the exception that it’s always going up! Weddings are full of budget calculations, but one money sucker that is often forgotten or overlooked is the cost to actually mail and pre-stamp those beautiful invitations and RSVPs.

Enter the postcard.



*Nix the envelope on your Save The Dates by doing a postcard instead! ®Creative By Me Invitations.


The current price for a stamp is $0.49, but the price to mail a 6″ x 4.25″ postcard is only $0.34. Saving $0.15 may not sound like much, but it adds up quickly if you consider a regular invitation requires one stamp for the envelope, and one stamp for the RSVP envelope. Using a postcard as your invitation or RSVP could mean the difference of $0.64 per invitation, or almost $100 savings on a 150 invitation guest list.

Ok, so enough with the numbers, but let’s talk about a few other way postcards make the perfect solution to budgeting woes.

gourmet-stationaryA typical invitation suite includes the invitation, an RSVP card, an envelope to mail the RSVP back, and a large envelope to house it all. Using a postcard provides a couple of options to reduce the amount of pieces you need in your invitations. Some brides opt to use a postcard as their main invitation, and are utilizing an online RSVP website in lieu of a return card and envelope. Another option is to do a normal invitation and envelope, but make your RSVP a postcard that your guests can easily pop back in the mail, no envelope licking required!

Postcards are a sort of fresh idea in the world of wedding invitations and we are loving the ones that we have created for our brides so far. Contact us today to get started on a design that is customized to your unique personality…AND your unique budget!

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