Custom Wedding Invitations On A Budget

Weddings come in all styles and sizes, and more specifically a variety of budgets. At Creative By Me we have a number of options to allow you to create your own invitation design, even if you don’t have a celebrity sized budget. Here are a few tips from our designer, Michelle, for cutting costs while still creating a beautiful invitation.

  1. botanical_square_booklet_wedding_invitation_with_rsvpcard_-_gaia_9cffdf5eRSVP postcards. Save on postage and materials by forgoing the extra envelope. Your guests can pop the pre-stamped postcard straight in the mail.
  2. Address outside envelopes yourself instead of a calligrapher. Your guests will probably appreciate the personal touch of your own handwriting over a calligrapher’s anyway, even if it does kind of resemble chicken scratch.
  3. Skip the inside envelope unless you’re having a very formal affair. Many invitation suites come with an inside envelope to hold the rsvp card and any other information you are providing your guests, such as reception information and directions. While they are pretty, they aren’t absolutely necessary and an easy way to save money.
  4. Forgo the RSVP altogether. Some of the younger generation are bucking tradition and using an online RSVP through their wedding website. There are pros and cons to this method depending on your guest list. Make sure the majority of your guests will be ok with this option. If you have some older guests who are not so internet savvy, you could consider ordering enough paper RSVPs to send to them to accommodate.
  5. Order early to avoid any extra shipping or rush design charges, and factor in extra invitations to avoid a small last minute order. For more information on determining how many invitations to order, see our post here.
  6. Printing at home doesn’t always equal savings. Home printers use a lot of ink and don’t always take the paper very well. If you’re unhappy with the results and wind up paying a professional later, then you will have wasted your initial time and money. Instead, talk to us about our available options to ensure you will have a professional looking invitation and avoid the potential stress and disappointment.

Creative by Me includes outer envelopes for FREE with your invitation order.

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