Fonts 411

If you sit down with a graphic designer (me!) for more than a few minutes, one topic is sure to come up – Fonts. Also referred to as type or type style or typography. So the basic question is…what do you want the words on your invitation to look like?


There are so many varieties of unique fonts, and each say something different about your wedding style. Elegant, formal, western, casual, simple, classic – the possibilities are endless!



Everyone uses or sees serif fonts every day. They are used for letters, in newspapers and in books (think Times). As these were the fonts ever created, sky’s the limit for your choices. There are several options that have an elegant look and pair beautifully with scripts. Easy to read, these fonts are perfect for information cards with a lot of text.

purple watercolor flower invitation

Sans Serif

Sans Serif fonts are recognized by their simplicity (think Helvetica). They appear as block shape with no extra lines or embellishments attached to the basic letter. But they are by no means boring! They are easy to read and work perfectly into a more modern design. Sans serif often have a wide variety of widths – from thin and thick – to accommodate many different designs.

watercolor flower invitation


Script fonts are based on cursive handwriting and are featured prominently on most wedding invitations. Luckily, so many new varieties of script fonts are now available. This means you have a spectrum of choices, from casual all the way to ultra-formal. The right script font can even give your invites a calligraphy look, without the hand-lettering price!

blue oval flower invitation

Decorative or Display

These fonts are truly the most unique and will give your invitation a very specific themed design. Western or art deco fonts are ones I have used on several invites for a country or Great Gatsby theme. Distressed fonts work perfectly on a chalkboard invite.

chalkboard rehearsal dinner invite with pizza theme

Still not an expert on fonts? No problem – let me help you decided! I can show you several examples so you can pick which best fits your wedding style. Don’t forget to incorporate your preferred fonts into all of your paper creations so your guests can see your theme from beginning to end.

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