How To Display Wedding Invitations AFTER the Wedding

While the true keepsake of your wedding is the love and life you share with your new spouse, after spending all that time and money on the actual details, you can’t help but want to extend your enjoyment. Your invitations and wedding day stationary set the tone for your day, and bring the formality of the occasion into a beautiful design. Instead of shoving the leftovers in a sure to be forgotten box in your closet, try one of these creative ways to display them. These would make great post-wedding projects to beat the blues of your wedding day be over.

glam-invitation-ornament Ornaments

Cut your invitation into little strips and place in a clear glass ornament for an elegant keepsake you’ll enjoy year after year. Here’s a great how to!


Making your own coasters is a piece of cake. A few tiles from your local hardware store, some felt pieces for the bottom, and a bit of Mod Podge to keep them in place and voila! Here’s a how to!


The easiest way to display your invites and programs is to frame them. Dressed up with some coordinated matting they look nice enough to hang anywhere in your house.

Shadow Box

Take the framing idea a bit farther by including all of your wedding stationary, as well as any small mementos you want to keep (like your flowers, the cork from your champagne, etc…). Shadow boxes create a unique way to display your keepsakes.

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