Wedding Invitation Etiquette Do’s & Don’t’s


  • Give your guests plenty of time by sending out your invitations six to eight weeks prior to the wedding.

  • Address the invitation to the specific person(s) you are inviting if you do not wish to leave the door open for random “guests” to attend.
  • Specify the dress code on the invitation, or direct them to your wedding website for more information on the venue and type of event you are hosting. (*A separate card, or save the date with the website address is best)
  • Set a reasonable time frame for RSVP’s. Two to three weeks prior to the wedding is a typical timeline. Check in with guests who haven’t responded, their invitation may have gotten lost in the mail! *A helpful tip – number your RSVP cards in the case your guests forget to include their names, so you will know who is responding.
  • Pre-stamp the RSVP cards so your guests only have to check yes or no (and write their names hopefully) and pop the card in the mail.


  • Include your registries.
  • Invite guests to the ceremony and not the reception, or vice versa.
  • Use a false start time. Even though you may have good intentions for “building in” an extra 30 minutes to ensure everyone is on time, your guests’ time is just as valuable as yours. Give them the benefit of the doubt and include the actual ceremony start time on your invitations.
  • Rely on email or e-vites as your invitations. Technology has given us many great options for just about everything we do these days, but your wedding is still a formal and important event that warrants the respect and formality of a traditional paper invitation.

This website has an answer to almost any invitation etiquette question you can think of. Happy planning!

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